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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  August 29, 2017 11:30pm-12:00am PDT

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now at 11:00, tracking harvey, the tropical storm is moving away from houston tonight, bringing folks there much-needed relief. but the threat on the gulf coast is far from over. >> the storm is about to make landfall again hitting louisiana. >> in houston, these are still critical moments for people trapped by the water. tonight rescuers armed with flashlights, rafted through neighborhoods searching for anyone who needs help. >> the city of houston moved the curfew back to midnight to keep looters off the streets.
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more than 13,000 people rescued. at least nine people were killed in the storm. >> reporter: good evening. city officials say they are now seeing a glimmer of hope. many of the bayous and reservoirs are expected to start receding tonight and tomorrow. for the first time since harvey roared into town, the sun peeked out for a few minutes. it was a brief moment of hope after days of record breaking devastation. there have been nine confirmed deaths including steve perez who died in flood waters. >> it was too treacherous to go under and look for him. >> reporter: the official tally of rescues topping 13,000 but the number could be higher. and still the calls for rescue continue to pour in. more than 1,000 in houston are waiting for help. >> all the way up to the roofs,
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guys. i hate to think there are people in these houses. >> reporter: linda was stranded in her car for two days. >> all i can say is there are angels out here. >> reporter: in houston donations are pouring in and yet there is more need. >> it's good. it touches you to the core. what can i do for my neighbor? >> reporter: many shelters beyond capacity. >> we went from 5,000 to 9,000 in a few hours. we are encouraging people to come here and seek shelter. we may not have all the amenities like a cot. >> reporter: in new orleans, residents all too familiar with floods are using sandbags on the 12th anniversary of katrina. >> it evoked a lot of memories and heart break. >> reporter: no city welcomed residents of new orleans than houston. and some of the people who are dealing with this disaster lived
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through that disaster as well. abc 7 news. let continue our team coverage. >> here's abc 7 meteorologist sandhya patel. >> let's look at live doppler 7. texas and louisiana still getting hit hard. a third landfall is expected in a few hours as you look at the rainfall rates what is intense here between texas and louisiana, 2.74 inches of rain per hour. the flooding situation is getting exacerbated. flash flooding, funnel cloud, tornado. dozens of reports. landfall expected in louisiana tomorrow evening. continuing across parts of memphis and tennessee. but obviously, cincinnati but much weeker. cedar bayou, texas, a new record
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for a tropical system, 51.88 inches beats the previous record from amelia in 1978. this is two to three years of bay area rain. 14.9 inches is the yearly average in san jose. look at harvey's total so far and they are still counting. >> thank you. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony is in houston. enabling their reporters to tend to their families and homes. laura is traveling with a convoy of rescue boats. >> reporter: let's take a look in front of us here. this is a beautiful residential neighborhood. a lot of folks still have the cars here and may be in those houses? >> yeah, as a matter of fact for every person we got out today we had four tell us they don't want to leave. >> reporter: we just went by a group on the second floor of an
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apartment. the boats may not be here later. >> earlier there were more boats around. they are moving to places below the reservoir where water is coming over the top of the reservoir. below they are getting flooded a bit worse believe it or not. a lot of the boats are headed down there to help people out. >> reporter: laura anthony in houston. abc 7 news was where the streets were closed and neighbors ordered to stay inside. >> the victims of hurricane harvey need your help and cash doe napg donations are the best way to do that. text harvey to 90999 to add $10 to your cell phone bill. >> and my apologies, now to the story in pinole.
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a manou a 60 millimete mortar round and had it in his car. the all clear was issued an hour later. the death of a prominent south bay woman is under investigation by san jose homicide detectives tonight. she founded the chinese performing arts of america. she died two days after being involved in a fight. katie marzullo is live with the latest on the mystery. >> reporter: ann wu was well known and liked and respected here in san jose and tonight this plea from her family is posted outside of her beloved performing arts center. i talked with her husband. he was able to shed some light on what possibly led up to her death but there are so many questions. >> devoted everything to this. >> reporter: standing inside chinese performing arts of america, john chu remembered his wife's passion for the place she
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created. >> for example, you can come in and see her sweeping the floor. >> reporter: 75-year-old ann wu was there meeting with a group of women about an upcoming performance. one of the woman stormed out of the officer. wu followed her outside and ended up on the ground bleeding from the head. she died at the hospital two weeks later. >> first of all, we want to know the truth. >> reporter: wu came to the united states when she was 14 years old and went to uc berkeley to study engineering and computer science. >> she was the only girl student in the whole department. >> reporter: she got a master's degree from san jose state university. in her career she earned nine patents for integrated circuit design. but chinese culture and performing arts were her two loves and hopefully her legacy. >> what ann would wish for is for cpaa to continue. >> reporter: san jose police will only say she was involved in a physical altercation.
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wu's death has not yet been classified ad classified as a homicide. turning to politics now and the looming decision now facing president trump, republican lawmakers pressuring the president to end daca. >> that deadline is a week away and lawmakers are gearing up for a fight. here's lisa amin gulezian. >> reporter: caesar juares left mexico when he was 7. he came to the u.s. with his undocumented mother as a child and qualified for daca. >> i have no criminal background or felonies or misdemeaners.
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the administration indicated several times before that the daca program is under review. >> reporter: in san jose, a senator promised to help. >> america needs to keep her promise to those young people and i'm determined with everything i have to fight to make sure that we do that. it's just the right thing to do. >> reporter: harris is co sponsoring a bill to extend daca for another three years. oakland and san jose's mayors vowed to fight. >> we're going to push with everything we've got on the congress and in the courts. >> reporter: ten states have threatened to challenge daca in court unless the president rescinds it by september 5th. lisa amin gulezian, abc 7 news. our coverage of hurricane harvey continues. the new help from the bay area now on the way to texas tonight.
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and the bay area charity stepping up to clear the shelters in the heart of the shelters in the heart of the
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more help from northern
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california is headed to the houston area. 60 medical specialists left from travis air force base today and other crews are on stand by. and from marin, the county water rescue team is headed to the rescue effort. an east bay charity is trying to help animals displaced by hurricane harvey and coming to the rescue with airplanes and volunteers. we are live at the livermore airport with the story. >> wings of rescue want to make sure that texas shelters have enough room. so they are giving some pets a flight to a new home. >> we're here with a lot of amazing dogs that are going to be on today's flight. >> a four-legged rescue mission for dozens o dogs and cats in san antonio, texas. these on their way to new jersey where they'll get new homes. since hurricane harvey hit,
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wings of rescue have been helping to clear animal shelters. >> the pets we are flying out, these are dogs and cats that no one is coming for. they have been in the shelter system and don't have homes. >> reporter: the charity's founder says more than 200 dogs and dozens of cats are getting a second chance with rescue organizations across the country to help the smallest refugees of harvey. >> it will make room for the pets that have been displaced so they can be safe and fed until they are reunited with their family. >> reporter: and room is what the shelters need desperately. >> they are taking in $1100 doga day. >> reporter: the flights are not cheap, costing $20,000 per trip. private donations are keeping the flights going. >> what do you think about your flight? >> reporter: those lucky dogs and cats approved in n jewsey
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tuesday night. more flights scheduled this week. abc 7 news. one easy way toive is to help through abc's day of giving this thursday, abc stations nationwide will be fundraising on air and online all day long with money going to neighbors most impacted by harvey. a wish comes true for a terminally ill san jose woman. she will see her mother after her visa was approved tonight. as we told you on abc 7 news at 6:00, she has terminal lung cancer. she wants her mom to visit before she passes. however, the state department turned down her mom's visa application several times. after a petition drive and a letter to the president, the state department reserved course hours ago and approved the visa.
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discussion and delicioberat continues late into the night as the board discusses whether to form a new school district in contra costa county. opponent say splitting it up will only benefit students in wealthier neighborhoods. time to find out how hot and how soon around here? >> too hot and too so >> sums it up. >> i think you summed it up pretty soon. this is going to be the hottest weather of the season so far coming up. let me show you what to look out for. intense heat coming up here. extremely hot conditions inland thursday through monday. heat related illnesses are possible. high fire danger with a potential for a fire weather watch or warning later on this week. stay cool and hydrated. we have an excessive heat watch, hot spots expected to reach 105
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to 110. the national weather service is picking up some isolated areas may reach 115 degrees. we're talking toward the central valley. that is dangerous heat. i want to show you the temperature trend for antioch. 96, thursday, 104. saturday, 110 and the triple digits persist right through the holiday weekend and beyond that. it is going to be intense days of heat with triple digits there. a live look right now from our live camera. it's a nice view and many hoping to hold on to the fog over the bay. it is becoming limited to the coast tonight. that marine layer is definitely shallower and getting squashed by this area of high pressure building. the air is beginning to sink. temperatures, 50s, 60s, a live
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look from the sfo camera. we do have some low clouds there. if you are traveling out of san francisco international tomorrow you could encounter delays. extreme heat inland by week's end and records into the holiday weekend. tomorrow morning, foggy, areas at 7:00 a.m. sunny bay inland and sunny by the afternoon. temperatures in the low 60s to mid-90s. tomorrow morning that fog will be dense at the beaches. mid-50s to mid-60s. tomorrow afternoon you're looking at warm, sunny weather inland along the coastline mild with a little bit of fog in the afternoon. the fog will disappear as we head to the end of the workweek. the sea breeze will be weaker and the temperatures will soar inland. 106 thousan 106. if you are sensitive to heat stay out of the hot weather, go and find some a.c., a pool, a
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beach. get away from the hot weather. tmperatures in the 70s and 80s along the coastline. that is where you'll find some way to deal with it. no relief inland on saturday and i have to tell you on social media there are not many people happy about the upcoming heat. low 60s to mid-90s. thursday on, triple digit sizzle. 112, friday. could be seeing records shattered. 80s at the coast. hang on to the triple digits through the labor day weekend. 70s coast side saturday through monday and in the 60s at the beaches. keep track of the temperatures. they're going to be really, really changing. really changing. cooking out
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a couple of chp officers
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came across an unusual roadblock today. the highway patrol tweeted a photo as you see here of a young deer on the onramp. the chp poked fun with the caption saying this morning our ficers stopped a doe for tl evasion on the bay bridge. she usually pays it but was a buck short. the deer was a young buck that stopped and looked at them before going back to the woods. >> the deer didn't have his fastrak with him. >> we have a term in the industry, deer in the headlights. >> the red light comes on. the giants a a's take on division rivals. while federer was ambushed by
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giants in san diego looking for their second straight win against the padres. two on in the second. he lays town a bunt. airmail a ball to first. panik scores. a blast with a moon shot. check out the one-hop catch by the fan. 3-1, san diego. margot into the upper deck. 13th of the year for him. four-run inning from the padres. the giants fall 6-3 losing four of the last five.
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a's down 2-0 to the angels in the second. angels take a 5-0 lead. but the a's would answer in the second. matt joyce solo shot. see yeah, a new career high. that's a 5-1 ball game. another batter later, another matt, same result. solo home run. ball hits the top of the wall and the ump says touch them all, three-run game. a's with a chance in the third. bases loaded but he pops it up. the catcher once he locations it, a diving catch and the angels win big, 8-2. rain cancelled most of the matches at the u.s. open. but the third seed roger federer was teaken to five sets by a teenager. and the first set, who took the first set,-4.
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brking roger in the first game. roger did not drop a set winning wimbledon so he had to be a bit shocked. but he took the next two sets with ease against the 70th ranked player in the world. and roger closes the deal in the fifth. a bit of a wake up call. roger is 17-0 in opening matches at the u.s. open. what a thrill for that young teenager. >> a great showing. abc 7 ns continues online, twitter, facebook and mobile twitter, facebook and mobile devices with our abc 7 news food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees.


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